Rtr Janvi Kumari

Janvi is a positive and resourceful individual who can execute difficult tasks and doesn’t need to be micromanaged. She has a good command in
Ms Office and graphic designing. She is a good orator with great leadership qualities.


Rtr Deepika Chakraborty

Rtr Deepika is a passionate and candid individual who values integrity. Her undying confidence is the reason people tend to seek answers to their doubts from her. With a keen knowledge of MS Office, wordpress and content writing, Deepika is a good learner who never stops pursuing new ideas and implements them successfully.


Rtr Manpreet Kaur

Rtr Manpreet is an ambitious person, who constantly sets goals and works hard to accomplish each with grace. She is a certified content writer and has a good command of MS Office, technical and communicative skills with great leadership qualities. With indisputable reliability, she craves for perfection in everything she does.


Rtr Kumar Sourav

Rtr Kumar Sourav is an excellent dancer and a lyricist. He has good technical skills, handling social media, video creation. He has a good knowledge of graphics and animation.


Rtr Aman Agarwal

Rtr. Aman Agarwal has a command in literature and content writing, MS Office. He is a brilliant photographer and a video creator. He loves interaction with new people. He’s a great learner and has been pursuing new skills to enhance his talents and personality


Rtr Ankita Kumari

Ankita is an open and honest person who doesn’t believe in misleading other people and tries to be fair in everything she does. She has a good command of MS Office and content writing.


Rtr Tushar Kumar

Rtr Tushar is an internet geek, a tech savvy we are glad to have. His strength lies in his unending enthusiasm. His creativity in designing is commendable. His unending enthusiasm will definitely bring him glory.


Rtr Purbita Bose

Purbita is a people’s person and result oriented. Her strength lies in creativity , be it paper or graphics. We believe she would be able to contribute significantly to the best of her ability.


Rtr Akash Kr. Dubey

Rtr. Akash has skills in database management, data mining, web devlopement and interface designing(HTML , CSS and JS). He also has a command over wordpress, knows editing using Canva Pro, has an advanced knowledge of Excel Sheet. His Integrity, dependability, willingness to learn and teamwork makes him an outstanding member.


Rtr Raj Chourasia

Raj is hard working and a quick learner. He isn’t afraid to face any challenge. He’s a master in editing, writing, video composing, social media handling and designing.


Rtr Aditya Anand

Rtr Aditiya Anand is an intellect. He’s meticulous in every work. He has a good command over, Canva,Graphic designing , Website making and WordPress.


Rtr Fiza

Fiza is a highly organised person. She’s an enthusiastic learner who loves to learn and explore new things. She’s a master in diffrent platforms like editing , Photography , Content Writing , Photoshop & Communication.


Rtr Atul Narayan

Atul is always proactive about seeking new opportunities to develop and grow. Content writing, Poster and Certificates development are his strengths. His skills in social media marketing is marvellous.
He’s a good learner who tries to grasp and learn everything that’s new to him.

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