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Medicine Project

About Project
Medicine Project Was started on January 2018 and it is One of the most successful project of our District Runned by Rotaract club of st Xavier’ College. This Project is Sponsored by Mr. Prakash Tekriwal Sir, Under this project we collect leftover medicines door to door and donate it to hospital which is given free of cost to needyone. We also organise free health check-up camps and donate collected medicines.

How project works-
We setup boxes in the schools all over Ranchi. Currently we have our project spread over more than 25 schools and many other institutions all over the ranchi.
We cover morning assembly and encourage students to donate their leftover medicines in the medicine box.
After a month Rotaractors collect medicines when boxes are full. Then we finally donate the medicines to the hospital.

Social impact
By this project many people came to know that leftover medicines are not a waste. It could be donated and could be used easily by someone else who is not able to afford it.
Project coordinator Recived lots of emergency call also to check medicine which is not available in market currently and the project was also able to Help needy in emergency.

Achivements of project

1) RSAMDIO People choice award in South Asia. 2018

2)MDIO best Community service Award in South Asia. 2019

3) Best community service award by District. In 2018 .

4) Best community service award by District 2019.

Project also got recognised by all the Major National Newspapers like Hindustan Times, The Telegraph, TOI, Hindustan , Dainik Jagran, Prabhat khabar.
and Media Channels like Zee news, news 11


Project Shiksha

चलो पढ़ाएं , कुछ कर दिखाएं

Shiksha project is one of the main project of our club. It was started from the year 2014 under the tenure of our chartered President. It was started with the aim of inculcating love for education among the students. Our first assisted school is Rajkiyakrit Prathmik Vidyalaya in Tharpakna, where we promoted Co-curricular activities along with academics for the overall development of students. Dance, karate, English spoken, yoga, etc. are some of the co-curricular activities pursued by us. To reduce the academic pressure and fulfill the students with zeal we organise events such as annual fest, sports day, christmas day etc.

Currently we are working with another Assisted school i.e. Shree Doranda, Balika Uchchya Vidyalaya. Apart from education we provide self defence training to the girls in order to make them apt for the current society.



Project ACE (i.e. Associate to Communicate for Excellence) is a Project under Professional Service Avenue which was launched by Rotaract Club of St. Xavier’s College Ranchi of RID 3250 on 7th August 2020. This project focuses on personal, professional, technical development of the individuals. Under this project the rotaractors have been divided into 8 different groups. These 8 teams compete against each other on monthly basis. At the beginning of every month we have a learning session on any specified topic such as- Debates, GD session, MUN sessions, Negotiation tactics, Digital marketing, Pictorial interpretation, News Reporting, Commercial Advertisement, Excel, etc.

RTR. Khushi Mishra || Head – Project ACE

Project Tript

Let’s take one more step as normal Superheroes.

We all are aware of the problem of WASTAGE OF FOOD AND MALNUTRITION in our country.It is a known fact that in our country there are 20 crore people who sleep without food on a daily basis i.e. EVERYDAY.
This is really a horrifying fact prevailing in our country. With this thought,we started our project AAHAR, The projected began on 7th June 2019 and has been working regularly since then.

How it works:

Every month a group of rotaractors either distribute ‘roti sabji’ to the people in need who are incapable of buying food themselves or we collect rice from each each individual (who are willing to donate) and distribute 1kg each of the obtained quantity to different households or individuals.The two tasks are performed alternately.

Social impact:

Through this project we were able garner attention to this crucial problem of “hunger” in our society.
We have been able to feed about 800 people in the passed months.
We are planning to reach more people.
It has left an impact on individuals and encouraged them to donate food.


Project Chuwan

सामाजिक भेद-भाव बड़े सख्त हैं,
‘छुवन’ का पाठ पढ़ाने का अब सही वक्त है!!

This a project aimed to upgrade society how important it is for girls and boys to know what good touch is. how important it is for boys to know what consent is. Not only this, this project will be covering all the societal backward norms which needs to be uprooted , doesn’t matter we are in 1921 or 2021 and to tell people how important it is for people to stand up for themselves.

In this we will be going around public places, schools, societies, NGOs to create awareness and take seminars through impactful way.


Project Rahat

You need not have to be a doctor to save life.

With this motive Rotaract Club of St. Xavier’s College has started a PROJECT RAHAT. The Project aims to fulfill all the requirements laid by the patients and families that includes blood, plasma etc.

This a project under which people are made aware about the need for donation and how it can save lots of life.

The project is headed by the Community Service Director.

RTR. Aditi Chaurasia || Head – Project RAHAT
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