1. The Rotaract Programme was created by and is an activity of Rotary International, who holds authority for the establishment of constitutional provision, organizational requirements and Standard of Procedure, as well as the protection of the Rotaract name and emblem.

 2. A Rotaract Club is a Rotary Club Sponsored Organisation of Young men and women between the age 18 and 30 whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal better relation between all people World-wide through a frame work of friendship and service and whose goals are:

A. To develop professional and leadership skills.

B. To Emphasize respect for the right of these, based on recognition of the worth of each individual.

C. To recognize the dignity and value of all useful occupations as opportunity to serve. D. To recognize, practice and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities.

E. To Develop Knowledge and understanding of the needs, problem and opportunities in the community and worldwide.

F. To provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill towards all people.

3. Rotaract Club programming shall consist of Professional Development, Leadership Development and Service Program Development as outlined in the ‘Standard Rotaract Club Constitution’.

 4. A Rotaract club is organized, sponsored and counseled by a Rotary club or clubs and is established following the endorsement of the District Governor upon certification by Rotary International. Its existence depends upon the continued sponsorship of its sponsoring Rotary Club and continued recognition by Rotary International.

5. It is recommended, but not mandated, that a new Rotaract Club have minimum of 15 Charter Members.

 6. Within the framework established by Rotary International, the sponsoring Rotary Club is responsible for organizing the Rotaract Club and providing it with guidance thereafter.

7. Rotary Club which sponsor Rotaract Club are encouraged to invite Rotaractors at least on quarterly basis to their regular meetings, project planning meetings, and special events.

8. Rotaract clubs are encouraged to invite their sponsoring Rotary Club to Rotaract club meeting, project meeting and special events on at least quarterly basis.

9. Rotaract clubs are encouraged to develop lists of their club members who might hold a Rotary classification as well as maintain lists of current and past club members indicating their interest in Rotary service projects. Both the lists to be shared with their sponsoring Rotary club(s).

10. Where the Rotaract club is university based, control, counsel by the sponsoring club shall be exercised in full cooperation with the University authorities, with a understanding that such a club is subject to the same regulation and policies established by the authorities for all student organizations and extra-curricular activities of the university.

11. All Rotaract club activities, projects and programs shall be conducted in harmony with the policies of Rotary International.

12. There shall be a Standard Rotaract Club Constitution prescribed by Rotary International and subject to amendment only by the Board of Directors of Rotary International. As a prerequisite of its organization and certification, each Rotaract club shall adopt the Standard Rotaract Club Constitution and all Amendments.

13. Each Rotaract club shall adopt By-Laws not inconsistent with the “Standard Rotaract Club Constitution” and with policy established by Rotary International. Such By-Laws shall be subject to the approval of the sponsoring Rotary Club.

14. A Rotaract club may be organized and sponsored jointly by more than one Rotary Club under the following conditions:

 A. The District Governor must give his approval, stating in writing that in his considered judgment, the best interest of the district, the Rotary club concerned and the Rotaract program would be served by the proposed joint sponsorship.

B. The circumstance must be such that the organization of separate Rotaract Clubs, each sponsored by a single Rotary club, would create an artificial division so what is essentially a single body of young adults within the community or university.

C. A joint Rotaract Committee must be created with effective representation from each of the sponsoring Rotary clubs.

15. Each number of Rotaract club agrees to accept on adherence to the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of his/her club.

16. Membership in a Rotaract club shall be evidenced by Rotaract club membership, identification cards supplied to Rotaract clubs by Rotary International.

17. The Rotaract Name and Emblem are the property of Rotary International and shall be preserved for the exclusive use of those involved in the Rotaract Program. When displayed by an individual club member, the Emblem may be used without further information. When the Emblem is used to represent a Club, the name of the Club should appear with the Emblem. Where a Rotaract District exists, It may be used as the respective Emblem but only in conjunction with reference to the District and its number.

18. A Rotaract Club member shall be entitled to use and display the Rotaract name and Emblem in an appropriate and dignified manner during the period of his/her membership in Rotaract club.

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