Club Administration

Club Mentor – Dr. Proff. Swarat Chaudhuri

From journey of being Rotaractor to closing of Rotaract Club during those times, and by its reestablishment ,it gives me immense pleasure to watch this club reach new heights of success again. Rotaractors are truly hardworking and their work is really appreciable . Being mentor i have seen all the tenures going successful . All the president and member in each tenure were highly enthusiastic . It’s really good to see how my children are working hard for further developments.
I must say for Rotaractors ‘Sky is the Limit’.
Keep this feeling of SERVICE ABOVE SELF always illuminated.
Keep Rotaracting!

DSW St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi – Dr. Marcus Barla

Dr Marcus Barla
“Rotaractors are Superheros”.
Education is important, but it feels immense pleasure to see Rotaractors doing remarkably great in other fields, which makes them different from others.
In today’s selfish world, where people tend to ignore others, it’s quite appreciable to witness how these youth help those sections of society which are left unnoticed. It’s also commendable how they sacrifice their time for keeping on with the service. Its a real pride to see these members working selflessly under the leadership of President
and I congratulate them on behalf of St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi.
Keep up the good work!

Parent Club President (2019-2020) – Rtn Aditya Malhotra

Being President Of Parent club of RACSXC it feels soo great to see that clubs Is Achieving lot of success day by day.
Talking about Rotaract Club of St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi, their work is more powerful than any words I can use for appreciation. Watching them take ‘Best Club Award’ for consecutive since many years and setting up new records makes us a proud. Their enthusiasm, their unity ,the hard work of each and every member is something to look up to.
Never let this spirit fade.
All the best and looking forward for many proud moments!!

PRESIDENT RACSXC(2016-17) – Rtr. Rahul Pandey

Hello everyone,
My name is Rahul Pandey and I was the president of Rotaract Club of St. Xavier’s College during rota year 2016-17.
I believe that RCSXCR is the best platform to groom yourself for your upcoming future. It is a platform where you learn how to be a team player and also you make someone’s life better with your small initiative. Here we learn and grow as an individual and work with the team which enables you to tackle the challenges and risk.
I wish all my fellow Rotaractors a very happy and meaning full journey ahead.

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