Boards 2021-22

President: Rtr. Raunak Ray

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”
Rotaract has given me both the opportunities, first of growing myself, and now in the process of growing myself, I also have the responsibility of striving all the members toward excellence. In this process learning from previous experience and putting that in this new year is very important. And I shall work on those aspects. All in all I wish everyone ALL THE BEST for this tenure. LEARN, GROW AND SUPPORT!

Secretary: Rtr. Mahek Khanderia

I always work on one principle ‘Do everything that makes you happy’. once you start managing everything and start making new friends who eventually becomes your family you naturally become cheerful. Being secretary gives me opportunity to uplift other members and also learn from them, This is a platform where you are a plant and also you are a gardener. You have to grow and help everyone grow.

Treasurer: Rtr. Aditya Mishra

Rotaract Club of St. Xavier’s College is a platform that teaches you how to be an active citizen of your society and creates a spark in you to lighten the way for your future.
It makes you a sort of personality from a person. It helps you to take right decisions not only for you but for the whole society. It provides you different arenas to develop your overall personality. It provides equal chance to each and every member to become a real life hero for the society. It’s upon you how you create balance between study as well as Rotaract. In simple words, we can say that Rotaract is a foundation stone towards building your future.

Sergeant At Arms: Rtr. Subarna Chakraborty

My journey has been an awesome Rotaract helped me to boost my confidence . I learnt many things from club like time management , team work and lot of things and yes I have made some amazing friends

Club Service Director: Rtr. Supriya Kumari

It’s been 2 year since I joined Rotaract Club of St Xavier’s College as a member in 2019. My Rotaract journey from a normal member to Social Media Head and currently Club Service Director is spectacular one. I experienced a drastic change in me after being a part of such an amazing family. ‘Family’!!?… Yes ‘Rotaract Family’ – A FAMILY NOT BY BLOOD BUT BY PASSION.
Rotaract gives you a numerous of opportunity to polish your personality in all aspects.
Rotaract is something which is very close to my heart and here I’m creating many golden memories which I can cherish for my whole life. I have been starstruck seeing my own luck as of being it’s part. And I can proudly call myself as ” Rotaractor Supriya ” .

Community Service Director: Rtr. Utkarsh Anand

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”
August 2019, was the time i joined Rotaract and from then the journey of being ordinary student at college to being an extraordinary guy in the city started.The title of ‘RTR’ distinguishes us from others. In Rotaract we serve the society and its people and leads the nation for a better tomorrow.
Rotaract isn’t just a club, it’s a family where you add new skills which is garnished appreciation at ur success and just like family you are also criticised for improvement. And this is how Rotaract shapes your personality and at the end you will realise that you have added new methods to your list. And at the end will be serving the society till last breath.

International Service Director: Rtr. Sweta Bhagat

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better, Rightly said by Patrick James Riley

Around 2 years back a girl who was 19,took a decision of joining Rotaract. Undoubtedly it was me and today I can proudly say that it was one of my best decision I ever took. Rotaract is not just a club but its a feeling and family to me. Being a Rotaractor is something that makes me happy and proud at the same time, it pushes me towards excellence each and every single day. As an International Service Director, I will try my best to represent the club at International level astonishingly and together we will take the club to new height.

Professional Service Director: Rtr. Satyam Kumar

Many times the path to be travelled seems to be difficult, but endurance topped with sheer optimism can have the way, something which completely defines me after joining this Rotaract family.
It is one the best platform to experience and learn extraordinary skills along with lot of amusing moments.
Being ACE Co Head transformed me to a person who now always looks for new horizon and embraces new pattern. Looking forward to explore more….!!

Public Relation Supervisor: Rtr. Ravi Raj

It was a great experience for me being a part of this dream team of the club “THE PUBLIC RELATIONS TEAM” and leading this team as PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER is like cherry on the cake. During this period I just tried to learn from my other PR members. If the team is efficient and working well then it is the success of the Leader, Fortunately, my team was very efficient and hardworking and make my tenure a successful one.
I would like to congratulate Rtr Janvi Kumari for becoming the new PR Officer of the PR team and other members of this team also for being a part of this amazing team.
All the best 👍 everyone for this new tenure, hope you guys will set a new benchmark and learn new skills.

Cultural Coordinator: Rtr. Sourav Kumar

Nothing had been possible for me if I hadn’t step ahead. Rotaract Club has always provided opportunities to showcase oneself that what you actually are and how far actually you can improve yourself. Here I observed my journey as a student, as a team leader, as an entrepreneur along with having fun, friendship and many more.
I am always being passionate about cultural activities and the Rotaract Club always provided a platform for the same and this time I am here to prove myself by notching up a level.

Club Editor: Rtr. Zoa Anwar

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much,” here I cite the best line by Hellen Keller as it defines Rotaract Club of St Xavier’s College, Ranchi at its best.
I joined Rotaract in March 2020 and the journey of this one year brought many unexpected experiences along with it. This club took me to the magic-carpet journey of learnings, togetherness, selfless service, emotions and connectivity.
I found a family to laugh, cry and above all support me. Had it not been to this family I would not have started my journey of self-discovery.
Today, I feel proud to be a part of Rotaract and I, indeed, look forward to serving and growing with others.

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