Boards 2018-19

Rtr Kumari Madhu (President)

I being the most introvert person joined Rotaract Club of St. Xavier’s College Ranchi to explore myself, gain my self confidence and to learn new things.
The three years of my membership in Racsxc gave me the best phase of my life as I was surrounded by a group of very talented, humble, kind and generous people who were ever ready to help others, who were constantly working to bring a change in the society. Me being the President of the club knew the real value of responsibility. A responsibility to take care of the interest of the members of the club, to ensure that no one is left behind in the long run in exploring their talents. A responsibility to always keep up the name of the club. A responsibility to make my college feel proud for this club.
The three years full of events and projects made me gain a lot of knowledge and self confidence under the guidance of my seniors. I feel very proud to be a part of this club and also very lucky to have met with the most aspiring youths of St. Xavier’s College who are no less than a family now. I wish good luck to the upcoming leaders who will always keep up the name of the club.

Rtr Manisha Sahu (Sergeant-At-Arms)

Rotaract is all about developing yourself as a person and serving others above yourself. I joined Rotaract club of st Xavier’s college Ranchi in 2016. My 3 year journey was really very amazing and enthusiastic. I experienced lots of things and gained too. It taught me to find joy in everything we do from organising events to doing community projects. It gives you life long connections with seniors, Juniors and batchmates.I can say that rotaract has added a good change in my personality. It wasn’t a sudden but one happened over last three years.

Rtr Rani Kumari (Cultural Coordinator)

I, Rani Kumari, Proud Ex member of Rotaract Club of St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi, feels very great that I was a part of it.
It’s been a wonderful journey from 2017 – 2019. I tried to give my best and in return the club had given me a lot of friends who became like a family. This journey is more special because of the SIKSHA PROJECT where I taught dance to childrens of our assisted school.
In 2018, Club had given me the responsibility of Cultural Coordinator and through this I learnt a lot of things.
RACSXCR played a very important role in my life as it enhanced my skills, built confidence and brought the best out of me.
It gave us a chance to contribute to the society and connect to the people worldwide. Once a Rotaractor, always a Rotaractor.

Rtr Anuj Kullu (Club Editor)

An amazing platform where you will find plethora of opportunities to develop your leadership skills and personality as well. Being a member of this Club, I got to learn, experience and understand so many things which I think will definitely prove beneficial for me in the coming years. So, anyone who is willing to join this club must close their eyes and just go for it. I bet you will never be the same person when you move out from here and you will be proud of yourself. I only wish that may this club continue to flourish and touch new heights as the years roll down.

Rtr Rohit Kr. Singh (Vocational Service Director)

Well it’s always difficult to sum up the magna Carta of one’s life in a paragraph.

For me being a board member of Rotaract club of St. Xavier’s college Ranchi was like a parallel curriculum during my college days. The exposition which the club activities instilled in me came to be as foundational blocks of my personality. It was like a complete package of overall development be it social, cultural, managerial, sportsmanship, cooperative antagonism or economical. The club always provided for a edge over others, the activities provide the real picture of the society around us.
Thanks to predecessors and all the best to the successors…

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